• Private Client Group

    Most insurance companies simply do not have the specialty products available to adequately protect affluent clients, leaving them underinsured and over exposed to potential risks. Our Private Client Group works closely with superior insurance companies to ensure that you and your assets are properly insured. These companies specialize in affluent lines and truly understand wealth and how to protect it.

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  • Coastal Coverage

    The East Coast has an interesting yet dubious distinction of being affected by both tropical storms and hurricanes from the south and nor’easters from the north. High winds, flooding, and storm surge all combine to present a unique challenge for homeowners who happen to be in Mother Nature’s way.

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  • Senior Programs

    Choice Insurance Agency offers senior citizen insurance policies catered to your needs.

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  • Business Insurance

    Risk management for your business is about more than purchasing insurance. Proper risk management includes identifying risks, analyzing them, evaluating and prioritizing your risks, deciding how to handle each risk, then monitoring your risk management plan.

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