Insurance customers like you are actively seeking ways to take control of their auto insurance rates. Telematics is a proven method to discount auto rates through collected information about your mileage and driving habits. It’s a great way to grow savings, but many misconceptions are circulating about it.


Myth #1: Rate Increases

You might be thinking if data is being collected to decrease my insurance premium, couldn’t it be just as easily used against me to increase my auto rates? Your concern is valid, but it can be debunked with two facts:

  1. Choice Insurance works with Nationwide telematics because we are dedicated to providing the best insurance management tools to our clients. The driving data collected can decrease your current rate and will NEVER be used to trigger an increase.
  2. Drivers enrolled in Nationwide’s telematics see an average savings of more than 20% compared to a traditional auto policy.

Also, there’s no charge to participate in a telematics program, so there won’t be any additional fees tacked onto your standard rate.

Myth #2: Privacy and Data Concerns

It’s no secret that privacy and data concerns are a significant worry on almost everyone’s minds these days. Understandably, you might be wary of enrolling in a program that works via the collection of data, but Choice Insurance chooses to use Nationwide as a telematics carrier because:

  • Nationwide is as committed to protecting customer data and privacy as Choice Insurance.
  • All data collected is transparent; customers can view the specifics via a fully secure app or online web portal.
  • Nationwide and Choice NEVER sell this information to third parties.

Myth #3: Telematics Are Complicated To Install

Depending on the program, you may receive a small device to install. These are user-friendly, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. They come with simple, step-by-step directions and are made to “plug and play.” Most have an app that helps set up and activate the device in as little as five minutes.

Myth #4: What Is Tracked Is Unclear

Choice Insurance uses Nationwide as our telematics carrier because they keep the program’s factors easy to understand. The collected data is used to measure basic driving factors, including mileage, hard braking, and hard acceleration, to identify safe driving behaviors that earn discounts or premiums for the pay-per-mile program.

Car on road

Myth #5: Telematics Won’t Save Money In The Long Run

It’s easy to assume that a potential cost saver won’t work in the long run when you haven’t tried it. After all, how often does the fear of the unknown stop us from taking advantage of a golden opportunity?

That’s why clients who choose to enroll in telematics are given an instant discount of up to 10%—just for participating. It’s a guaranteed way to knock your auto rate down instantly, and it opens the door to two different ways to grow savings:

  1. SmartMiles that help low mileage drivers decrease their premiums based on miles driven.
  2. SmartRide that rewards safe drivers with discounts of up to 40% for safe driving.

It’s time to start using your already safe driving habits to grow savings. Get your personalized quote today!

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