Imagine if you weren’t here tomorrow.

What would happen to your house, car, boat, the college fund for the kids, or even just open loans and debt? Who would take charge of those, and what kind of burden would it add?

Who would pay for funeral expenses, and what would life look like for them after?

Life insurance can feel uncomfortable. Thinking about a plan for the end of life is disconcerting. All too often, though, we let the discomfort steer us away from the topic—in some cases, until the very end. The last thing you want is your loved ones to endure major financial burdens that could impact them for years because you held off on life insurance.

Let’s Eliminate Life Insurance Stress…

…and confusion!

We’re Choice Insurance Agency, and we’re dedicated to protecting your present to safeguard your dreams. You probably already knew that, but it bears repeating that we live insurance.

It’s our mission to make insurance stress free, which is why we have trusted advisors ready to help select and secure your ideal policy. But before we talk one-on-one, there are a few facts you need to know.

Life Insurance Fact #1: It’s Not About You

Carrying a life insurance policy is about protecting and providing for the people you love.

Remember the questions we asked at the start of this post? A life insurance policy can be used for all those things and more. It can provide funding, settlements and financial security for your loved ones. It can ensure they have a home, transportation and a financial foundation from which to grow.

Life Insurance Fact #2: It’s Not About the Cheapest Option

Budget struggles are real. 

We often see consumers shopping to buy the cheapest option despite coverage because the monthly bill is what matters most today. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

Purchasing life insurance requires a delicate balance between today’s budget and tomorrow’s protection—you don’t want to come up short on either.

Life Insurance Fact #3: The Insurer Matters

Comparing insurance policies from different carriers is a crucial part of the process. It’s not just about comparing prices and coverage amounts; it’s about looking at important coverage factors like claims payment ratios. 

Our advisors work with a multitude of insurers. We can help shop and compare, and we know the lingo, so you won’t have to struggle. Plus, thanks to our growing network, we can find the coverage you need with today’s budget in mind.

Life Insurance Fact #4: Procrastination Is Not Okay

Did you know it’s recommended to purchase a life insurance policy in your 20s?

It’s not about buying when you “need it.” It’s about planning and getting the right protection. 

Bonus Fact: When you’re younger (and healthier), you can often find a more affordable rate because you pose less risk to the insurer.

Older than your 20s? Don’t stress. We know how to find the right policy at the rate you need regardless of your age. The key is to get started.

Plan For Tomorrow, Live in Today

Life insurance is about planning for whatever tomorrow—be that tomorrow or next year—brings. You can live more confident living in the moment today by ensuring your tomorrow is financially protected, even if you aren’t in it.


We make it simple. Contact us today at 855-INSURED OR and let’s talk about life insurance.

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