Shopping for insurance can get confusing. When you have to “shop” for insurance, you call an insurance company, give them your information, answer their questions, and get your quote. You then proceed to the next insurance company on your list and do the whole thing all over again. And again…and again. Now you’ve got a folder of quotes to consider.  You probably really aren’t sure what you are looking at or what the coverages mean, so you do what most people do: You pick the lowest price, call that company, and set up your insurance. The end result? You’ve spent a lot of time calling each insurance company, you get less options to consider (so did you really make a good choice?), you really don’t know what you have protection for on your policy….and you’re probably a little opposed to having to do all this again anytime soon, so you don’t revisit your insurance again for a long time.

What if there was a faster, more efficient way to go about this process? Well, good news for you…there is. When you are shopping for insurance, look for a company that is an “Insurance Brokerage”. What does that mean and how does this help you? We’re glad you asked.

1-) What is an Insurance Brokerage? An “Insurance Brokerage” is a company that represents lots of insurance providers. Think of a regular insurance shopping experience on steroids. Instead of shopping through one company, a brokerage can run your information through all the carriers that they have access to (a LOT!) that you qualify for and provide you with the best rate and coverage option.

2-) How does this help me? Good question! An Insurance Brokerage has the unique ability to provide multiple quote options so you are able to get a tailored policy to fit your needs by calling one location. There is also the added convenience of having a single point of contact (no more talking with five different agents and five different insurance companies) for all your questions, policy activation, and claims needs. And for the cherry on top? You also have to give your insurance information just once. Pretty nice, huh? You just got your day back.

3-) Increase your savings: Some consumers believe that a brokerage is more expensive or that brokerages include hidden fees. In reality, shopping with a brokerage can actually give you a price advantage. Here is why. Insurance brokers work for YOU, not for one specific company. Their goal is to get you the best rate and coverage and to do this they can “shop” all the carriers that they have access to. This means that, in some cases, the brokerage actually has access to better pricing, discounts, etc. than other non-brokerage insurance companies do. What does this mean for you? Better prices.

At The CHOICE Insurance Agency, we are your local brokerage experts. With access to over forty carriers, we can do the leg work for you to get the best rate and coverage that fits your needs. Our team of professional, licensed agents will be available to answer your questions and explain your coverages so you can rest easy knowing that you have the protection that you need. Tired of spending an entire day shopping for insurance? Give The CHOICE Insurance Agency a call today and let us make the insurance process easy. Give us a call at 757-416-5100 or request a call at a time that fits your schedule here.


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In 2008 Choice Insurance Agency was created out of the former Realty Consultants Insurance Agency founded in1980 by George Ayers Capt. USN Ret. Since 2008 the Choice Insurance Agency has more than tripled in size and is continue on a track of rapid growth. The Choice Insurance Agency focuses on four areas of expertise: Private Client Group, Coastal Coverage, Senior Programs and Commercial/Business Insurance. Our business model has allowed us to expand into all of the states on the Eastern Seaboard from New York to Florida including Pennsylvania and DC to better serve our ever-growing client base. As an Insurance brokerage stationed in Hampton Roads with access to well over 40+ insurance carriers, the Choice Insurance Agency is able to shop for the best rates, cover those picky coastal zones and create a tailored plan to fit your insurance needs. The Choice Insurance Agency. Call us today and see why we are the top “CHOICE” in Hampton Roads.

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