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Ready, Set…. RETIREMENT.

What does Retirement mean to you? Perhaps it means trying out a new pastime or enhancing an old hobby. Maybe it means becoming a world traveler. Or, it may mean that you take your full-time job and transition to a part-time position, so that you are able to spend more time with family. No matter [...]

How To Get Your Insurance To Work For YOU When The Unexpected Happens

In a recent Virginian- Pilot article from yesterday a, “…man is suing the Spirit of Norfolk pleasure yacht in federal court, saying the ship features such a powerful anti-skid coating on its top deck he fell two years ago while playing corn hole”. The article goes into further description that, “The lawsuit claims [that the [...]

Keeping The Holiday Spirits Up & Costs Down: It’s Easier Than You Think!

The holidays are here (where in the world did this year go?!?), and you might be finding yourself swept into the hustle of gift shopping, holiday planning, travel prep and general seasonal chaos. What is dubbed the “best time of the year” can turn into “the most expensive time of the year” faster than you [...]

Bills, Adulting & Why You Should Stop Making Monthly Payments (Yup! You Read Right! Check Out How!)

Let’s face it, bills are part of life. Granted, they are not one of the fun parts of life, but they are part of adulthood nevertheless. In the midst of all the changes that life boasts, it’s easy to get bogged down in a cycle of monthly payments. Between your rent payments, your car payments, [...]

To Have A Lease Agreement Or Not To Have A Lease Agreement: It’s Not Really A Question

So you want to rent out a property and be a landlord? Great! Renting property, whether it is your home that you kept after a move or whether it was a property purchased for this express purpose, can be a great way to add an additional stream of income to your household. However, being a [...]

The Monthly Payment Cycle: How To Make More Money Each Month, Pay Off Debt Faster & Still Enjoy Your Daily Latte

We’ve all heard the sayings, “If you just skipped your daily lattes you would save enough to pay off debt!” or “You’re spending too much money on eating out. You need to eat at home every meal”. While there may be some value to these suggestions, the truth is that just skipping expensive coffees and [...]

Rental Property Renovations: Top Tips For Minimizing Your Expenses And Maximizing Your Return On Your Rental Property

Whether you are renting out your home when you move to a new location or you are scooping up reno properties with the intention of building multiple income properties, knowing the ins and outs of renovating a rental property can save you time and money. Many new landlords waste a lot of money in renovations [...]

30 Years Is A Long Time: Pay Your Home Off Faster & Save Money Doing It (psst! It’s Easier Than You’d Think!)

Thirty years is a long time. Especially when we’re talking about paying monthly payments for thirty years. As a National average, most American families only live in their home for 13 years before moving. This means that the vast majority of home owners are tied into a cycle of monthly payments on their mortgage and [...]

Summer Fun On A Budget: Top Tips To Keep The Kiddos Busy This Summer (That Won’t Cost You A Ton!)

It’s hard to believe that summer is already here! Whether you are looking for fun (and inexpensive!) summer activities for the kiddos or you’re looking to enjoy the longer days of sunshine around your busy schedule, there are TONS of fun (and FREE!) things to do in Hampton Roads this summer! Check out some of [...]

The Super Hero Family Protector We Often Overlook: Life Insurance

You’re working hard and trying to plan well for your future. However, many people (even super successful, proactive people like you!) tend to overlook or procrastinate when it comes to one very important part of planning for the future: Life Insurance. We get it! No one likes to think about not being there for their [...]