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Keep Your Home Cootie-Free: Top Tips To Avoid The Cold And Flu This Season!

With the end of summer, the beginning of the school year and the on-set of colder months, cold and flu symptoms begin to pop up…and spread! Being sick is never fun! Check out these top tips for avoiding the flu this season: Avoid Close Contact. If you know that someone is sick or has recently [...]

Fall Is HERE! Check Out These Fun & Budget-Friendly Events In Hampton Roads

Ready or not, autumn is here! The leaves are beginning to change, the kids are back in school and soon the weather will be cooling down. Friday, September 22nd marked the official first day of fall and along with that comes fall festivals, pumpkin patches and the start of the holiday season!  Check out this [...]

“There Is Only One YOU”: The Credit Hack That Invalidated This Statement (Were YOU Hit?)

We live in a society that places merit on virtually everything we do, from simple achievement, to life accomplishments, there lies some form of documentation of our lives.  The world we live in consists of oversharing our thoughts, food choices and lifestyle via the internet.  However, when it comes to our financial and personal identification, [...]

Bills, Adulting & Why You Should Stop Making Monthly Payments (Yup! You Read Right! Check Out How!)

Let’s face it, bills are part of life. Granted, they are not one of the fun parts of life, but they are part of adulthood nevertheless. In the midst of all the changes that life boasts, it’s easy to get bogged down in a cycle of monthly payments. Between your rent payments, your car payments, [...]

Trick or Treat: Costumes, Parties & Keeping The Kiddos Safe This Year! (check out these tips!!)

Some celebrate Fall Festival, some get really into costumes and decorations for Halloween. Whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year…..holidays can get expensive. From parties to costumes, to decorations or food and treats. Sticking to your budget doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with flair! Check out these tips for a “fall-tastic” Halloween! 1-) [...]

Pack It Up, Move It Out: Top Tips To Make Your Next Move Easy, Cheap & Stress-free!

Moving can pack a lot of mixed stressors (pun intended!). From moving across town to moving to another country, there are so many variables and things to remember. If you are moving for a new job or into a new home, emotions might be sailing high…but likely the stress is too. Paired with the never-ending [...]

Bye, Bye Fuzz! Hello, Lower Utility Bills!

Dirty air filters are a lot worse than just funky looking. (Really, who wants that grey fuzz hanging off of the vents, right?). The air circulating through your home for either heating or cooling has to run through the filters that cover your vents. These vents, when clean, help catch and capture all the dust, [...]

It Is Estimated That 80% Of Flood Victims From Harvey Did Not Have Flood Insurance

The destruction of Harvey and Irma have filled our news feeds over the past few weeks. Resources are being collected, relief efforts are being coordinated, crews are going to the places more impacted to offer aid, and individuals are opening their homes. According to the head of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), “early estimates [...]

Bye-Bye Stress… Hello Organization!

Life gets pretty crazy.  Not only are we juggling the kid's after-school activities, sporting events and homework....we also have our own agendas including meetings, deadlines, and other important things that make us wonder exactly who signed us up for this whole “adult-ing thing”? While time is definitely not slowing down for us to play catch-up, [...]

The Monthly Payment Cycle: How To Make More Money Each Month, Pay Off Debt Faster & Still Enjoy Your Daily Latte

We’ve all heard the sayings, “If you just skipped your daily lattes you would save enough to pay off debt!” or “You’re spending too much money on eating out. You need to eat at home every meal”. While there may be some value to these suggestions, the truth is that just skipping expensive coffees and [...]