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Wind Coverages/ Coastal

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Sent to Me… An Exhausted Car Battery! Yikes!

Between your car not starting due to a dead battery, cracks in your hoses, or leaks in your antifreeze compartment leading to bigger issues like your engine fluid freezing – the winter season exposes your car to a lot of risks. We’ve rounded up the best tips to protect your car from being Winter’s next [...]

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Sent to Me… An Exhausted Car Battery! Yikes!2020-01-09T05:53:12+00:00

Hurricanes, Storms and Flooding… Oh My! Are You Prepared in the Event of A Natural Disaster?

Katrina, Sandy, and Andrew are some of the names of the most recent devastating hurricanes that have hit the US.  Each hurricane season brings the potential for mass destruction to our area, especially since we live so close to the coast line.  Undoubtedly, we will see some effects of Hurricane Harvey, which is set to [...]

Hurricanes, Storms and Flooding… Oh My! Are You Prepared in the Event of A Natural Disaster?2020-01-09T05:53:20+00:00

Hurricane Damage Sticks Around A Lot Longer than the Storm, Are You Ready?

Living on the East Coast means that our summers are hot and sticky, the weather changes at the drop of a hat, and we are at risk of getting hit by a hurricane.  Hurricane season typically runs from June 1 through November 30, however, the peak months for hurricanes are from August through October.   According [...]

Hurricane Damage Sticks Around A Lot Longer than the Storm, Are You Ready?2020-01-09T05:53:21+00:00

You say tornado, I say wind

Hampton Roads is Hit by a Monster Twister Last week, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake were struck by a devastating tornado.  While the twister struck on April 1, it was no joke.  Dozens of homes were damaged and Real Life Church was destroyed.  The tornado touchdown was a reminder that the mid-west is not the only [...]

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Don’t Get Caught off Guard: Free FEMA App!

Be prepared for seasonal storms that can affect your area: Make sure your emergency kit is up to date and easy to access. If your heat goes out, keep the doors closed off to rooms you are not using and close your blinds or curtains to keep in some heat. Never use a generator, grill, camp stove [...]

Don’t Get Caught off Guard: Free FEMA App!2020-01-09T05:53:25+00:00

Is YOUR Savings ‘Gone With The Wind’?

Over the past two decades, insurance companies have become increasingly creative with regards to wind deductibles.  The trend began following Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  At the time, Andrew was the most destructive Hurricane in United State History as measured by the amount of damage caused.  In tandem with Andrew, increases in computing power provided insurance [...]

Is YOUR Savings ‘Gone With The Wind’?2020-01-09T05:53:32+00:00

When a tree falls, who pays?

One of the most common questions that we are asked regarding potential claims, probably because it happens somewhat frequently, is: “If my neighbor’s tree falls on my house or car, who pays?” Generally speaking, the person who has damaged property would pay for the damage or file a claim on their own property insurance policy.  [...]

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Hurricane Prep…BEFORE The Storm Hits

We're fast approaching hurricane season! Check out these tips for hurricane preparation, tips on how to file claims after the storm, and how to set an evacuation route for your family!   1- ) Hurricane Preparation: Before The Storm Hits: Have a home inventory completed and saved in a safe place. This may contain pictures, [...]

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Summer Is Coming Fast!

Summer is right around the corner but with sunshine and beach trips also comes….hurricane season. Hurricanes are a major cause of insurance claims and property damage in coastal states. Obviously there are many aspects of hurricane season that we have no control over. However, there are some steps that all property owners and renters can [...]

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