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Worker’s Compensation

Why The “{insert specific insurance company here} ALWAYS Has The Best Rates” Myth Is Costing YOU

We are all looking for the best prices, without breaking the bank.  However, we also want options that are really worth the money.  For example, we have all seen those commercials that promise great rates on insurance, however.......are they really the best rates? Do you really know what coverage you are buying? When choosing your [...]

FREE TOOL for instant download: Know when to report an accident to OSHA

Not every injury or workers' compensation claim needs to be reported to OSHA. Use this advisor to determine if an injury or incident needs to be logged, based on current OSHA recordkeeping requirements.

What Small Business Owners Need To Know About Worker’s Compensation

Whether you are a small business owner,a REALTOR or property manager looking for a contractor to work on your client's home, or a home owner wondering if you should ask for proof of insurance before you start that next project on your home, here is "Worker's Compensation 101". Workers' compensation insurance is a type of [...]