Does your insurance company go the extra mile for you?

You buy insurance to protect yourself, family and business. While you never want the worst to occur, when it does, it is the moment of truth for our insurance company. When you file a claim, they must deliver on the promises they made when your policy went into effect.

The claims process can be frustrating, and when your insurance agency is not fully equipped to advocate on your behalf, your experience will probably be more stressful and result in a not so favorable outcome.

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We believe you should have the best support on your side when you file a claim

At Choice Insurance Agency, we know that when you have to file a claim, you are in the midst of an already challenging situation.

You want to feel confident that you have a trusted partner in place who is looking out for your best interest and who will be there for you in your time of need.

Speak to a Claims Advocate

Our commitment goes far beyond selling a policy

Meet a Valued Member of our Team

Tomas Rosario brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients in his role as Claims Advocate. Tomas’s background in Claims Advocacy and Personal Lines insurance allows him to provide guidance and clarity in the midst of situations that many find confusing or stressful, allowing you to feel confident that your claims process will be supported from start to finish.

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Why do you need a claims advocate on your side?

  • They are there in your time of need regardless of the situation
  • They coordinate and communicate between the involved parties
  • They guide you through every step
  • They work to reach a successful resolution for you

To speak with one of our Claims Advocates, complete the form below and we’ll promptly reach out to assist you.

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