Having an insurance claim is a bummer. Between the damages to your property, the inconvenience of having to drive a rental car or living somewhere else, the confusion of what comes next in the claims process, and the anxiety of claims payouts, going through the claims process can be pretty nerve wracking. The good news? There are some super easy tips you can stick with that will help take a lot of the anxiety and stress out of filing claims. Check out these tips and handy FYIs to help with your next claim filing!

1-) Pick a good company. When you are at the front end of the insurance process, it’s very easy to focus on one thing: price. Many people pick an insurance carrier without considering the coverages that they are being provided OR what the company’s claims and service reputation are. The reason you have insurance in the first place is for those not-so-fun moments when you have claims. At that point, the few dollars you saved start to look really silly if the company is hard to work with or if you don’t have the coverage you need. For instance, did you want to skimp on coverages and so you chose to not have rental car coverage on your auto policy? When you are in a claims situation, it’s nice to have a rental car to get to work. You may have chosen your auto or home insurance company over the internet because they were cheap. But what is their reputation for claims service? Discussing coverages with your agent up-front and choosing a company that has strong claims ratings sets the stage for easier, quicker claims processes.

2-) Report immediately. If you have a claim, be sure that you are reporting the incident as quickly as possible to your insurance company to avoid compound damages. It is always a good idea to take pictures of the damages caused at the time the claim occurs if at all possible. For auto claims, it is always a good idea to call the police so that there is a record of the incident. Even for fender-benders, having the police present to ensure that information is transferred between parties is a great idea. In the event of a minor auto claim, try to get pictures of your car and the other vehicle including license plates. Be sure to exchange information with the other person including their insurance company and policy number even if the damage seems minor. In the event of a home or property claim, take reasonable steps to avoid cumulative damage. This may include covering a hole in the roof with a tarp to avoid additional damage inside the home or covering a broker window with plywood. Be sure to take pictures of the damage before taking these steps. Also, save your receipts and tell your claims adjuster that you purchased these items to avoid compound damage. You may be able to be reimbursed for these reasonable costs.

3-) Keep your information on hand. After you have reported the claim, be sure to have your adjuster’s name and contact information as well as your claim number handy. If you have jotted this information down on a piece of paper, consider taking a picture of this information so it is always with you on your phone and cannot be lost. Ask your claims adjuster what the expected timeline is to resolve the claim and what steps you can be expecting. This not only gives you an idea of how your claims process will payout, it also help relieve the anxiety of not knowing where you are in the process. If you have questions, always feel free to contact your claims adjuster.

4-) Report accurately. It is a crime to commit insurance fraud. Insurance is there for you to use when you need it. That’s why you have insurance. However, failing to report a claim or incident accurately can lead to major issues. Be honest and accurate to the best of your ability with your claims process. On the flip side, be sure to report all issues to your adjuster at the beginning of your claims process. If there is any personal bodily damage, always report this immediately.

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