Life on the coast can be pretty great. However, coastal living also presents some unique challenges and coverage needs for property owners. Many property owners mistakenly assume that they have one deductible for all exposures on their home insurance policy. However, this is not the case. If you’re feeling a little worried, hold on! We can help clear up this confusion! Check out these common deductible questions  and top tips you need to know as a coastal property owner.

1-) Flood is never covered on your home policy. Many people mistakenly assume that their home could never “flood”. This is often because people misunderstand what counts as “flood” on an insurance policy. The definition of “Flood” according to FEMA is, “ground water rising”. This does not mean that the ocean needs to rise up and create a tidal wave over your home. It means that if you have a strong storm and the water builds up in the street without a place to run off and it swells into your yard and enters your home….you’ve experienced a flood situation. And the scary thing? The damage from this heavy rain water rising would not be covered on your standard home insurance policy. However, it would be covered on a Flood policy. A large portion of flood claims each year are made on properties that were not in “high-risk” flood zones. But they still flooded. One thing to consider when living in a coastal region is that there is often nowhere for ground water to run off. Flooding is a common and relevant concern for all properties in coastal regions.

Important note: Flood insurance is available for rental, business, and home properties. Flood insurance is primarily provided by FEMA, however, there is  another option for some properties through private market channels. Flood zones are determined by FEMA. Some of the things that impact the premium of your flood policy include: zone, property coverage, location, flood history, and mitigation options. Contact your insurance agent to discuss the best options for your properties. Your agent will be able to advise on coverage options and discuss possible mitigation measures that may help lower your premium.

2-) Your deductibles are not all created equally. As we covered in a previous blog, deductibles can be confusing. All property policies have a deductible called an “all perils” deductible. This could sound like it covers any damages you might have. However, this is not the case. An “all perils” deductible is the deductible amount that you will pay for covered damages on your property before your home insurance policy will kick in.

In coastal markets, we are prone to hurricanes. Therefore, most all property policies will have a separate deductible for named storms or hurricanes. This is often listed on your policy as a “hurricane deductible” and is often listed as a percentage amount (ex: 1%, 2%, 5%, etc.) of your dwelling coverage amount on the property. This deductible applies only to damages covered on your policy that originated from a named storm or named hurricane.

Another deductible that you may see on your property policy is called a “wind/hail” deductible. This deductible is almost always displayed as a percentage of the dwelling coverage amount similar to the deductible amounts described above for hurricanes. However, this broader deductible applies to any damage caused to the property by wind not from a named hurricane. On some policies, the percentage is a set amount based on the overall exposure in that specific coastal market.

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