Choice Insurance Agency is a locally based company and we believe in contributing back to our community. We are partnering with ODH to help raise funds for the ODH players to reach their financial goal of traveling to Cooperstown. Choice Insurance agency is donating $25 to the player of YOUR choice.

Choice Insurance Agency is your local insurance solution. Based in Hampton Roads, VA, we have access to dozens of insurance carriers for your personal and commercial insurance needs so we can shop the best rates and coverage for your family. We are also able to write from NJ to FL, so out of state properties are no issue for us! We provide competitive rates and outstanding service for home, auto, FLOOD, condo, business, renters (and tons more!) insurance solutions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Check out our full video and share this page on your media.
  • For every insurance review we provide (not contingent on a purchase decision), Choice Insurance Agency will donate $25 to the player of your choice!
  • Complete the form below to be contacted for a FREE insurance review. Be sure to include the name of the player that you want to support.
  • A member of our team will provide a complimentary insurance review for you. Once you have reviewed these insurance options, Choice will donate $25 to the player of your choice not contingent on your buying decision.
  • The $25 sponsorship is per account review, not per policy proposal.
  • Share this web page on your media to spread the word! The more people receive a free review, the more funds we are raising for your player.
  • We make the process easy and offer outstanding rates!
  • It’s a win-win, YOU get a free review on your insurance. If you can save money, great! Your player gets a donation towards their Cooperstown goals.

We have $20,000 to help raise! Let’s help these players get to Cooperstown!

You receive a no-obligation second opinion on insurance – We contribute $25 to get these boys to Cooperstown!