Some celebrate Fall Festival, some get really into costumes and decorations for Halloween. Whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year…..holidays can get expensive. From parties to costumes, to decorations or food and treats. Sticking to your budget doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with flair! Check out these tips for a “fall-tastic” Halloween!

1-) Make your own costume. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be creative or even know how to sew. Pinterest has created creative daredevils out of all of us. Check out Pinterest for fun costume ideas that use items you already have at home. Or, get really creative and choose an “out-of-the-box” abstract concept for extra creative flair.

2-) Costume swap. This one is handy especially if you have kiddos. Chat with other parents in your friend circle and compile all the costumes from past years. Let the kids pick the costume that they want from the pile and have fun!

3-) What’s Free? Most communities have Fall or Halloween parties and festivals going on this time of year. From trick-or-treat groups to games, to hayrides, hotdogs, and candy…chances are there are some fun (and free!) festivities going on in your area. Do a quick Google search of festival and seasonal events in your area. Pumpkin picking, hayrides, etc. abound this time of year.

4-) Host the party. Safety is always top priority. If you live in an area that doesn’t offer free, local festivals or community parties, consider hosting a party and inviting friends to your house! Make it a pot-luck for food so that you aren’t stuck with all the party prep and clean up. Have games, let the kids paint or carve pumpkins and have a blast!

5-) Glow, baby, Glow! Keep in mind that this time of year there are a lot of kiddos on the road at night. Always make sure that your children are supervised and chaperoned by a responsible adult. You can make it fun and even dress up with them! You may even get some candy 😉 Be sure that kids have a way to be seen when out at night. Consider giving the kids glow sticks to tie to their candy bags or wear as a necklace, bracelet, or attach as part of their costume. Glow sticks are a cheap, fun, visible way to make sure they can be easily seen by traffic.

6-) Get the kids involved. Decorations don’t have to be expensive. Let the kiddos help cut out garland, put out candy and paint or carve pumpkins! White Christmas lights can double as spooky Halloween lighting if strung in bushes that are draped with fake webs or sheer orange fabric. Get creative! And have fun.

7-) No kiddos? While this time of year is largely focused on the candy and festivities for kids, the adults don’t want to miss out either! Consider hosting a Halloween bash at your house and invite friends over. Let each person bring their own beverage of choice and some snacks. Host a spooky movie marathon, hold a costume contest…the ideas abound! Set up a fall-themed cocktail bar and enjoy responsibly 😉

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