Over the years global fossil fuels go higher and higher in demand, therefore energy costs are projected to slowly rise in 2019. Did you know that a typical household, on average, spends almost $6,000/year on utilities? Over the years global fossil fuels go higher and higher in demand, therefore energy costs are projected to slowly rise in 2019. Did you know that a typical household, on average, spends almost $6,000/year on utilities? Although this may be true, there are still ways you can remedy the situation by making your home more energy efficient. This kills two birds with one stone – you’ll be helping the overall preservation of the Earth AND keeping more cash in your wallet. It’s not often that you can act as a worldwide superhero and money saver at the same time, so what are you waiting for?!

Install a Digital Thermostat.

Ditch the old thermostat that your home came with, and upgrade your system to a digital and programmable device. This will allow you to better control your home temperature and program it to fit your needs. Automatically turn your temperature down at night or while you’re at work. For every degree, you can save up to 2% on your heating bill.

Plant A Tree.

This may sound very cliché, but it works! By planting a shade tree on either side of your home (You will want to choose the side that gets the most sun exposure), the tree will provide shade and naturally help keep your home cool during the warm summer months. Be cautious in your planting though – planting a tree too close to your home can cause overgrowth and fallen limbs on your roof, which will damage your home more than it will help keep it efficient.

Check Your Home for Proper Insulation.

This is often something homeowners forget about or do not pay attention to. Adding more insulation or replacing it with a higher quality can make a huge difference in your energy bills. Start with the attic. Heat rises, so it is common for your house heat to be lost once it reaches the attic. It’s recommended to have at least 10-14 inches in your attic depending on the quality of the insulation.

Upgrade Your Exhaust Fans.

Although these seem small, they can make a big difference. By upgrading your exhaust fans in your bathroom or kitchen (preferably both), you can then provide significant cooling efficiency in your home. These fans will help move hot and muggy air out of these rooms and most importantly, out of the house completely.

Replace Older Appliances.

It goes without saying, newer appliances work more efficiently than old ones. Throwing out your own appliances can go a long way towards saving money on your utility bills, especially if you do your research. When you are replacing your kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, water heaters, or furnaces, a good rule of thumb to go by is to look for the Energy Star certified sticker. This ensures that you are purchasing a money-saving appliance!

Seal Leaks.

Leaks allow cold or hot air into your home and run your energy bill higher than you think. Sealing these leaks will allow your heating and cooling system to work more efficiently, keeping the good air in and the bad air out! Leaks are typically found around doors or windows. If you find any leaks in your home you can fill these with foam sealant or seek a professional for help. Be sure to check for leaks in your home often to catch any leaks sooner rather than later.

Keep Your Water Heater Warm.

“Warm” is considered to be 120 to 140 degrees. When you have your water heater temperature above 140, it uses up unnecessary energy and is unnecessary. Like many appliances we have in our homes, there are factors that may be making our water heaters work at a lower efficient. Including but not limited to the age of unit, number in household, negligence of maintenance, rust, and other buildup. We suggest keeping an eye on these factors to improve the efficiency of your water heater. Bonus tips: Insulate the hot water lines in your home and install an on-demand hot water circulating loop.

If Applicable, Install Daylighting.

If you are unfamiliar with daylighting, it is the practice of using natural light rather than electrical lighting. You can achieve this through using skylights, light shelves, clerestory windows, or light tubes. These are cool, new approaches in energy savings. In the event that your home allows it, we suggest making this home improvement!

Install Solar Panels.

It’s truly the move of the future. The federal government has started providing tax credits, and even some states have incentives available to you financially for going green and installing solar panels to your home. If your home allows it and is in the right geographical location, install solar panels to your roof. The investment is hefty, but the return is life changing. Homeowners have reported to see up to a 50% decrease in their electricity use.

Seek a professional.

Don’t know where to start? Schedule an energy audit from an energy professional who will inspect your home to find out exactly where you are losing energy in your home. This will hit the nail on the spot and allow you to be more purposeful on your energy-saving journey.

You know what they say, knowledge is power. You now have the knowledge to be more efficient with your energy, thus giving you the power to save money on your bills AND preserve the world. You should feel pretty good right about now. For more tips/research on becoming more energy efficient visit https://www.energy.gov.

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