How many times have you heard someone make the statement that they want to, “Compare apples to apples”? Typically this means that people want to see something compared to exactly the same thing so that they can gauge price, etc. However, in truth, this is one of the most poorly-informed requests that a person can make when it comes to their insurance. Really what someone is asking for when they request this is to spend the least amount of money, not know what coverages they really have, and not explore any other options. But think about it…what makes someone think that what they have on their existing insurance policy is so good that they don’t even want to consider other coverages? Most frequently, the people that we run across that most adamantly request this “apples for apples” comparison on new insurance…..are the ones that have really poor coverages to begin with and who are paying way too much for the little coverages they have.

Do you want to know a really cool secret? Sometimes looking at multiple options on your insurance coverages can save you money. Did you know that, for example, increasing your home liability coverage from $300,000 to $500,000 ($200 THOUSAND more protection!!)….typically costs a few dollars a YEAR more on your home policy? Did you know that in some cases, bundle discounts on your home and auto policies can save you enough money to pay the premium for an entire LIFE policy? You don’t know if you don’t look at options. And considering options is NOT asking for “Apples for Apples”.

Another thing to consider is that (brace yourself!)….all insurance companies and all insurance coverages are NOT equal. This is when knowing the company that you are choosing to protect your home, auto, business, and family is vitally important. For example, did you know that most insurance policies will have two different deductibles? One for general damages covered on the policy (this is often called the “all perils” deductible), and another deductible that applies to damages caused by a hurricane (this is called the “hurricane deductible”…which makes sense, right?).

At the CHOICE Insurance Agency, we are a brokerage, which means that we are able to shop multiple carriers for you for the best rates and coverages that fit your specific needs. This means we do not make a “one-size-fits-all” insurance recommendation. Instead, we tailor your policy to fit your life and your unique needs.  We will review your full account with you to include features like:

Do you feel confident that your current coverages are tailored for your needs? Or did you just call in and get the cheapest quote and have no idea what you have on your policy. Honestly, most people have no idea what their insurance policy covers them for because their current agent never took the time to explain it to them. Higher coverages don’t necessarily mean higher premiums. Lower liability limits are not a good idea, and deductibles are important. Considering this…requesting   “Apples to Apples”, “Oranges to Oranges” or “Pineapples to Pineapples” (really, comparing fruit at all) is a pretty silly thing to ask for. Instead, ask for OPTIONS and make the best decision for YOUR home and family.

For a free review of your current policies, give the CHOICE Insurance Agency a call today at 757-416-5100. Our experienced agents will be happy to review your existing coverages, answer your questions and help explore options to save you money and get you the coverage you need. Give us a call today or request a call at a time that fits your schedule here.


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_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In 2008 Choice Insurance Agency was created out of the former Realty Consultants Insurance Agency founded in1980 by George Ayers Capt. USN Ret. Since 2008 the Choice Insurance Agency has more than tripled in size and is continue on a track of rapid growth. The Choice Insurance Agency focuses on four areas of expertise: Private Client Group, Coastal Coverage, Senior Programs and Commercial/Business Insurance. Our business model has allowed us to expand into all of the states on the Eastern Seaboard from New York to Florida including Pennsylvania and DC to better serve our ever-growing client base. As an Insurance brokerage stationed in Hampton Roads with access to well over 40+ insurance carriers, the Choice Insurance Agency is able to shop for the best rates, cover those picky coastal zones and create a tailored plan to fit your insurance needs. The Choice Insurance Agency. Call us today and see why we are the top “CHOICE” in Hampton Roads.

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