Dirty air filters are a lot worse than just funky looking. (Really, who wants that grey fuzz hanging off of the vents, right?). The air circulating through your home for either heating or cooling has to run through the filters that cover your vents. These vents, when clean, help catch and capture all the dust, hair, pollen and other particles in the air and hold them in the vent so that they are not circulating through your home. When the vents become filled with trapped gunk (hence that attractive grey fuzz), they are no longer able to do their job and trap particles from the air. This means that all that nasty stuff is floating through your home and into your HVAC air system. Skipping air filter replacement can lead to more dust in your home, stronger allergic reactions, yucky smells, higher energy bills and a damaged HVAC system.

HVAC repairs can get extremely expensive but replacement vents are very inexpensive. If you own your home, you could be facing an HVAC repair of hundreds to thousands of dollars if your system is operating off dirty filters. Not to mention that when you system tries to operate with dirty filters, it puts a strain on your entire unit and can actually increase your energy bill costs.

If you rent your home, be sure to read your lease. If you are responsible for changing the air filters but you fail to do so, any damage caused by the system operating off of dirty filters could be charged to you (yikes!).

Check out these top tips for keeping clear vents, a cleaner house and your HVAC repair costs lower.

1-) Create a schedule. It’s easy to forget to change your air filters. However, creating a scheduled change time can help streamline the process. It is recommended that you check your filters every month. If you have pets that shed or if you live in a high-dust environment, you may have to change your filters more frequently. It is also recommended that people with allergies change their filters monthly to prevent dust and allergens from circulating around the home.

2-) You don’t need to spend a ton. Consistency is key here, not the price of the filter. Be sure that you check the measurements of the filters in your home before heading to the hardware store. Generic brand filters are fine, especially if you are changing them out monthly. Typically you can find inexpensive filters for a few dollars at most hardware stores. If you have people in the home that suffer from breathing conditions, steer clear of the scented air filters. Changing your filters monthly will help remove any musty odors but adding artificial fragrances to your home may bother those with allergy or breathing troubles.

3-) Grab the vacuum. When you take the filter out, be ready with the vacuum. Typically a dirty filter will drop fuzzy grey particles all over you and the floor. Be sure to sweep or vacuum up these particles and consider wiping down or vacuuming the vent covers as well.

4-) Keep an eye on your utility bill. As we mentioned above operating with dirty filters causes strain on your entire unit. This can cause an increase in your monthly energy bills especially during the high-use months when it is either very hot or very cold in your area and the HVAC system is pushing to keep the air in your home at a regulated temperature. Keep an eye on your utility bills. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that bill go down when you start changing your filters more often.

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