Living on the coast has a lot of perks, but it also carries a very real threat for home owners, renters, Landlords, and business owners: hurricane season. Check out these tips for hurricane preparation, tips on how to file claims after the storm, and how to set an evacuation route for your family!


 1- ) Hurricane Preparation: Before The Storm Hits:

Have a home inventory completed and saved in a safe place. This may contain pictures, listed items, appraisals of high-value items, a video walk-through of the home, etc. This will aid in the claims process.

Ensure that all valuable documents such as birth certificates, passports, insurance policy details, etc. are stored in a safe place that can be transported if you need to leave.

Make sure that limbs are trimmed away from the property. Tie down or store all outdoor furniture, park your auto inside a garage or away from trees if a shelter is not available.

Consider covering large windows. Make sure that all windows are secure.

Make sure that all electronics are turned off and unplugged. Power surges can damage electronics.


2- ) Hurricane Recovery: Insurance & Claims: What Should You Do First?

Safety is always first. If you notice any significant structural damages, do not enter the home. Call the local authorities to check the home’s structure before you enter.

Take pictures or video of any damages as soon as possible.

Take all reasonable steps to prevent further damage:

Cover holes in the roof with plywood or a tarp.

Cover damaged windows so further damage doesn’t occur.

Always keep any receipts for items purchased to prevent damage before the storm or for materials used to prevent further damage after the storm.

If there is obvious property damage, turn off the water and/or electricity to the property until you can determine the extent of the damage.

*Important note: Insurance companies are typically more than happy to reimburse all reasonable expenses that were incurred to either prevent damage before the storm or prevent further damage from occurring after the storm.


3- ) Hurricane Recovery: How to File An Insurance Claim:

Report your claim as soon as possible.

Call your insurance company and have your name and policy number available. Report the type of claim and a description of any of the damages that you have witnessed to the property. Also remember to mention any steps you’ve taken to prevent further damage.

Once your claim is reported, a claims adjuster will be coming out to assess the damage. Depending on the size of the storm and damage caused, this may take 1-7 days. This is where preventative steps are important.

Always feel free to call in and ask for updates on the claims process. Nationwide also offers an online tracking method so you can track the claim’s process.


4-) Have A Plan:

Discuss with your family where emergency resources are such as bottled water, flashlights, etc.

Have a meet-up place designated in case you get separated in an emergency.

Consider installing the FEMA emergency app on all of your cell phones. This free app can provide updates on local conditions, pin-point safe meeting places, and can allow you to communicate if you need assistance in an emergency.


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