COBRA should not bog your clients down.

The COBRA process and all it entails can be complex and time-consuming for your clients.

Staying on top of all the steps and requirements is no simple task. Your clients need COBRA administration that is simple, interactive and easy to access so that they always comply.

You need a solution that will not only create a better benefits experience when it comes to COBRA, but also shows them that they are in capable hands with you as their go-to resource.

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You need a partner that will go above and beyond.

As your general agency, we know the more knowledge you can provide to your client the better, especially when it comes to COBRA.

We give you access to the best administration tools in the industry. This includes expert guidance, communication, comprehensive support and the resources your clients need to safeguard their business.

We can also help you understand the details that can make COBRA complicated, from employee leave to retirement and other continuation coverage.

In turn, your clients will experience a smooth and efficient system so they avoid what could be a very costly mistake for their business.

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Build those important client relationships with innovative technology.

We provide you a premier HR resource, HR360. This leading suite of compliance tools is packaged in one easy-to-use platform that will benefit your clients.

Along with ACA and HR news alerts, training videos and interactive tools that will help your clients effectively comply with federal and state HR and benefits labor laws and best practices, HR360 offers a leading COBRA system. This resource will give you the edge over your competitors.

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Contact Ross Oftedahl, Broker Sales Manager at 757-320-4847 or to assist you with your HR resources including how HR360 can help your business.

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