It’s the time that every kid impatiently waits for, summer break! Finally they have reached that point where they get a 2 ½ month break of not having to do homework, studying, or going to bed as early.  Even with the copious amounts of games, outdoor activities, and television programs available, their new found freedom, comes the ever present “I’m Bored” statement.

To help preserve your sanity for the summer ahead, we have gathered some ideas to help keep your child entertained.

Be Creative: We know, your kids probably have enough art supplies to create their very own glitter universe, so we thought we would share with you some of our finds from our Pinterest page.  Here, we have narrowed down some creative summer ideas that you can do with your kiddos.

DIY Water Blobs- Whether you are having an outdoor movie night and are looking for a cool and fun idea for your kids to lay on, or you use these for playing in the yard this summer, these DIY Water Blobs will surely be a hit! After splish-splashing through the sprinklers or playing outdoors, these are a great place to relax and stay cool. Plus, they are very easy to make! We have them Pinned on our Pinterest Board here if you would like to see more:

Challenge Their Minds– Creating games that your kids will actually want to play doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  Have some trees or post in your back yard (or use chairs, post or railings inside)? Tie some string around them in a crossing pattern, creating an obstacle course for your kids to try and maneuver.  See who can get through it without touching the string, or race to see who can finish first.  Try adding in a song as well, and see if they can finish this course before the song ends.  If your kids are old enough, show them how to create this, this way when they have completed their course, they can continue to create newer ones (and not keep asking you to make more).

Back Yard Mini Golf– Create this fun and inexpensive game right in your own back yard utilizing materials that you already have around the house! Using ordinary household objects to construct your kids very own course can make for lots of fun!  Got a shoe box or an empty cereal box and some toilet paper rolls? Your kids can easily turn those into a castle for their golf balls to pass through!  They can paint and create all of the obstacles as they wish.  Have some books lying around? Perfect for a challenging tunnel!  Old rulers and a potting plant are easily converted into a windmill.  The possibilities are endless!  Plus, this is a great way to entertain your kids twice, once by helping to create the obstacles, and second by actually playing the game.  Double win for parents!   You can even add in sprinklers to help keep your kids cool while they are playing this game outside.

Looking for more ways to spend quality time with your family this summer, while still keeping your kids entertained?  You are in luck to live in an area that not only host festivals throughout the summer in each city, but there are also many places that are kid-friendly to take your family to.

  • Outdoor Fun– We live in an area that boast an array of outdoor fun to be had! For example, do your kids love dolphins?  Then this is a great summer idea for you to try!  Take your family on a 90-minute excursion aboard the Atlantic Explorer in an exploration for Virginia’s most common and charismatic marine mammal, bottlenose dolphins! For more information, click here.  Boat rides not really your thing? Check out the Virginia Zoo or the Virginia Aquarium!  *Attention Virginia Aquarium members and Virginia Zoo members* ALL OF JUNEThe Virginia Aquarium and the Virginia Zoo are doing a membership swap! To enjoy this benefit, simply show your current membership card and photo ID at the admissions desk. Offer expires June 30, 2017. For more information, click here. Do your kids love animals? Bring them to Hunt Club Farms for an experience to remember! More information here.
  • Mystery Day– There is something to be said about a surprise, and for kids the excitement that they get not knowing what the day will bring them can have them looking forward to an event. Which is why it is a great idea to have a “Mystery Day”, which simply means that every (say Friday) you get together and do something that has no been planned verbally with your kids.  Great ideas for Mystery day would include going to Grommet Island Park at the Virginia Beach Ocean front , or taking them to an amusement park such as Bush Gardens, or any other activity that you know your kids would love!
  • Movie Date– Watching movies can be fun, but the price certainly isn’t, especially when you want to make it a family event. However, Greenbrier Mall’s Cinema Café, their movies are only $1.50 ALL DAY SUNDAY AND TUESDAYS!! Shows before noon on any other day only cost $1.75.  Noon-5pm shows cost $2.75 (matinee), and all evening showings on days other than Sundays and Tuesdays would cost $3.99.  Looking to see a 3D movie? At the Greenbrier Mall’s Cinema Café, there are no additional charges to see it! Not to mention, the seating there is more comfortable than a traditional theater, and you can order food there if you wish!

Stay tuned for our July edition for even more kid-friendly summer ideas!

Best Regards,

Lynda Drew


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**All of the photos are derived from Pinterest.  Please check out our boards for more information.  We claim no rights to these images.**