Your event should be memorable but not because of unpredictable circumstances.

You and your team invest significant time, money and resources into your events and activities to ensure a successful endeavor.

Without special event insurance, your company can be held responsible for venue property damage plus medical expenses of injured guests. Depending on the incident, this can be financially devastating to your business.

Can you afford to take that risk after you’ve worked so hard to build your business?

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What is special event insurance and what does it cover?

Your event schedule is set, and your planning is carefully and professionally done. You are excited and feel positioned for success.

Unfortunately, there are never guarantees that something won’t go wrong.

Special event liability insurance is very affordable and designed for short-term private and public events to protect against bodily insurance and property damage claims.

Key events you should cover

Weddings & Receptions

Conferences & Retreats

Festivals & Concerts

Fundraisers & Corporate Events

How do you get a liability insurance policy for your event?

 We can help

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  • From weddings to local events, Choice has helped hundreds of companies get the coverage they need by asking the right questions (including the ones you might not be thinking of) so that they can personalize your policy.
  • We know that not all events are created equal and our experienced, trusted advisors can address every nuance, including extra coverages such as liquor liability and event cancellation.

Here’s how we can make sure your event insurance is easy, fast and reliable.


Schedule your free insurance review with one of our trusted advisors.


We'll quickly review your event plans and shop multiple providers to get your business the right coverage at the best price.


You’ll be confident that you’ll have the service and support you need whenever you need us.

Let us help you stay focused on your event.

Contact us at 855-INSURED or complete the form below for a comprehensive special events insurance review.

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