Your auto insurance policy needs to be on point.

One of the most important financial investments you have is your vehicle. Whether you drive it to and from work, around town or from adventure to adventure, losing it could be disastrous.

Imagine suddenly not having your car and, thanks to some unexpected expenses, you can’t secure a rental or purchase a new vehicle.

How would that affect your everyday life and livelihood? What might you suddenly find in jeopardy? That is exactly what can happen if your auto policy isn’t on point.

Simply having auto insurance is not enough. An accident or incident can quickly culminate in untold financial strain if your coverage isn’t right for you.

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Know The Risks

Loss of Property

Liability Claims


High Out-of-Pocket Expense

Carrying an auto policy that isn’t tailored to your individual needs leaves you at risk of potential financial hardship and ruin.

Many factors, from loss of a running vehicle to lawsuits over damages and injuries, can become huge financial risks if your insurance has gaps or cannot fit your circumstances and budget.

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The Game Plan

Auto insurance plans help cover potential vehicle-related damages and/or losses. Coverage helps to protect you, your passengers, your vehicle, other drivers, pedestrians and other’s property.

Auto policies also help protect you in the event of a lawsuit associated with an incident involving you or your vehicle.

Peace of Mind Comes Standard

At Choice Insurance Agency, our trusted advisors use their knowledge, experience and resources to craft comprehensive policies that minimize potential risks.

We shop multiple providers and regularly check your account to help you keep the best rates for the coverage you deserve for your automobile and/or motorcycle.

Did you know that purchasing coverage for your motorcycle can create an opportunity for an auto policy discount? This is just one example of how our advisors never overlook details.

We also take caring for your auto insurance needs a step further by staying in close contact with their carrier underwriters.

Thanks to this relationship, we can tailor your policy right down to the tiny but critical details.

Your Next Step

What if we told you, you could get an insurance quote that doesn’t affect your credit score?

You read that right. Get started by using our free quote tool.

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