Life is full of surprises. When you least expect it, it hurls a curve ball.

Sometimes, it’s a good curve. Other times, it knocks the wind—financial or otherwise—right out of you.

The good news is you can flatten the curve of life events like accidents and mishaps with simple planning. But how do you know what to plan for?

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Even the best insurance policy can benefit from added security.

Umbrella insurance, not what you think it is.

Because a liability claim that is litigated and defended in court can exhaust standard policy coverage, leading to sizeable out of pocket expenses.

Umbrella insurance acts as a reserve to make certain a potentially costly curve ball, like a defended claim, doesn’t threaten to torpedo your assets and financial progress.

It can also fill in the gaps if your underlying policies have conditions, exclusions or limitations.

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Don’t get caught off guard.

We Can Help

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  • Our trusted advisors can help you achieve your life goals by helping you protect your assets and your future. They understand the different variables to take under consideration with  umbrella insurance.
  • Having the right insurance protection is a vital part of protecting your financial future.
  • Choice Insurance Agency can cover all of your personal property and liability risks, as well as life and health contingencies. With dozens of A rated providers, we will personalize your protection at competitive rates.

Your mission should you choose to accept.

Think of our local trusted advisors as your personal secret agent. They live for the mission and won’t rest until, together, you build, achieve and protect your plan so those curve balls miss.

Contact 855-INSURED Monday – Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or complete the form and we will reach out to you.

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