“I can’t operate my business without gas.”

What Happened?

The cyberattack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline caused a chain effect that companies throughout the East Coast were not fully prepared for, signaling a warning for business preparedness in cybersecurity.

Could it have been avoided?


Could the impact have been reduced? Yes.

In-depth investigation into what happened and how spotlights our business infrastructure vulnerability to cybercrime. Eric Goldstein, executive director of the cybersecurity division at the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) best sums it up:

“[The attack] underscores the threat that ransomware poses to organizations regardless of size or sector. We encourage every organization to take action to strengthen their cybersecurity posture to reduce their exposure to these types of threats.”

Women holding a Closed Signboard under her store

The right insurance can reduce risk.

These are the latest additions to business insurance that are vying for your attention.

You may have already heard of them. It’s also likely you had one of two strong reactions to them:

We know; budget comes first.

It’s the biggest reason business owners think, “I don’t need that right now.” After all, your budget determines everything, right?

What if we told you cyber coverage can be infused into your existing policy in many ways? For example, umbrella coverage can be a viable tool to expand protection while reviewing better, more precise safeguards and brokering a deal for the best price.

Can you afford not to have cyber coverage?

Ask yourself:

Business insurance serves to protect your company from financial disaster and even destruction. It can save it from ruin of internal human error and outside criminal activities that you have no control over.

Conducting business online—whether by buying and selling or sharing data—opens your business to new risks. The number of cyber criminals committing cyberattacks is growing, and it does not matter whether your business is small, medium, or large. If it exists online—even just for inner-company data sharing purposes—it is a visible and potential target.

Someone is checking data on computer

Successful cyberattacks are on the rise.

According to the Cybersecurity Guide, there is an “exponential growth in attacks” that is only expected to expand in the years to come. This is simply one of the unavoidable dangers of the new landscape in which we conduct business.

The gas pipeline shutdown was a visible example of how impactful a successful cyberattack can be and how an infrastructure interruption can potentially cause your business to experience downtime or even shut down.

Wielding Cyber Coverage

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Today. Not tomorrow.

Cybercrime doesn’t take a day off, and neither do we.

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