Moving can pack a lot of mixed stressors (pun intended!). From moving across town to moving to another country, there are so many variables and things to remember. If you are moving for a new job or into a new home, emotions might be sailing high…but likely the stress is too. Paired with the never-ending “to-do” list of moving you also have the added concern of getting settled in your new location …..and the financial burden of moving. Let’s face it, moving can be really expensive. If you are renting in your current location, you may have a non-returned security deposit to cover repairs. If you are buying a new home, you may have the recent expense of closing costs, insurance and any repairs you might have to do on the property. However, moving doesn’t have to be all stress-filled! Check out these top tips for making your move easy, keeping your moving costs lower and getting settled in faster.

1-) Purge before you move. Take it from a veteran mover……it’s no fun to move things over and over that you don’t use and don’t even remember that you have. Before you start throwing everything into boxes, take a moment and make a few different sorting piles. First, make a trash pile. This may be for old papers that you don’t need, boxes that items came in that somehow stayed in the bottom of a closet for years, damaged or worn out items, etc. Grab a trash bag and go to town clearing out these items. If you find that you have lots of extra paper, consider buying a small scanner on Amazon (or borrowing one from a friend) and scanning all your important documents to store them electronically. After that, shred the personal stuff and toss the rest.

Second, make a donate pile. This pile is anything that you don’t believe you can sell, isn’t trash and that you don’t use. Think of anyone that could benefit from these items and share the love! That waffle iron you got for Christmas three years ago that’s never been out of the box might not be valuable to you but a friend may love waffles and will be thrilled to have it! After this, whatever is left is donated to a charity.

Third, make a sell pile. These items are things that you don’t use or don’t need but that are still in great condition and hold some value. An example may be furniture, an extra TV, a gaming system, stereo system, or higher-end kitchen appliances. Consider a free posting site such as Offer Up or Let Go and snap pictures, add a brief description and post away! It’s often helpful on these sites to mention that this is a moving sale and that you will consider lower prices if they buy multiple items that you have listed. This is an easy way to clear out space, reduce what you have to pack, move, and unload….and generate some extra money to help cushion your moving expenses.

2-) Don’t move on a weekend. Did you know that moving companies generally charge the highest premiums when they are moving you over a weekend? Rates tend to be cheaper during the winter, the middle of the week, or the middle of the month. If possible, consider moving around these times to save extra money during the move.

3-) Consider renting your own truck. Hiring a moving company can be extremely expensive. You pay not only by the size of the truck and the hours rented, but also for items such as mover labor, trolleys and moving blankets. To save the most money, consider renting a moving truck and loading it yourself. Don’t want to do the loading alone? Consider recruiting friends or local labor help and pay them for their help moving. If your heart is set on hiring a moving company, consider using your own old blankets and towels instead of renting them from the moving company and consider borrowing or even purchasing a trolley instead of renting one. If you move frequently, buying moving items can quickly pay for themselves.

4-) Consider a POD. If you are moving a long distance, consider renting a POD. The company drops it off, you load the pod with your boxes and the company picks it up and ships to your new location. Easy, breezy.

5-) Take advantage of free boxes. Did you know that tons of stores give boxes away for free? All you have to do is pick them up. Paying for boxes to move is a huge waste of money when moving. Call local stores and ask if they will let you pick up boxes. For example, ABC stores give away boxes all the time that are small, sturdy and perfect for moving.

6-) Be organized. Pack your boxes by room and keep like-items together. Grab several rolls of duct tape and a few sharpies and label what’s in the box and what room of the house the box should go into. This will save you tons of time unpacking when you get to your new home. Also, you won’t have to dig through boxes of family photo albums and linens trying to find a coffee mug for your first morning in your new home. For local moves, instead of packing all your clothes into boxes, consider leaving them on the hanger and covering them with clean garbage bags tied at the top. This keeps your clothes clean, wrinkle-free and ready to hang in your new home.

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