Whether you own your home, are renting, or are staging a flip property to sell, multi-use spaces have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Multi-use spaces allow you to utilize your space more efficiently and still accommodate space for everyone in your home. Looking to clear the clutter and have some efficient multi-use space this year? Check out these top tips to get started!

1-) Guest Room/ Gym Combo: This one is a ore tricky option. While most of us love the idea of having a designated gym space in our homes, few of us have the space to give up an entire room just for our gym equipment. On the other hand, while we want to make sure that guests have a nice space with privacy when they come to stay, unless you have a steady stream of guests staying with you, it’s likely that you’ll want to be utilizing this space more frequently and efficiently than only when guest come to stay. So what’s a good option? Consider a mid-way compromise. Instead of a full bedroom set, consider a comfy fold-out couch or futon. Instead of stuffing your space with bulky workout equipment, consider one larger piece of equipment and then utilizing the closet space to store away your other equipment when not in use. For example, many items such as weights, tension bands, and yoga mats can easily be stored away when guests come to visit. Your futon or fold out couch can also serve as a compact sitting or reading area when not in use for guests. Consider painting the space a fun color and putting a rug on the floor. This will allow your space to feel more comfortable and welcoming for guests while still allowing full utilization as a home gym. Be sure to keep air fresheners plugged in and wipe down equipment after your workouts to keep the space smelling more like a guest room and less like a gym.

2-) Guest Room/ Office: This option is likely more common and easier to set up than a home gym combo. Consider a filing system to keep your desk and work area tidy. You may choose to utilize an electronic scanning system to keep your office paper-clutter free or you may choose to set up a colorful filing system. Whatever your method, keeping your space organized will make your guests feel more comfortable. Consider a smaller guest bed or futon/ pull-out couch to save space. There are even some adult-style bunk beds that work very well in smaller spaces and can accommodate adults comfortably. Consider installing simple shelves along the wall to keep your work items, notepads, and books clear and stored away from your guest space.

3-) Other tips for your spaces: Whatever you choose to do with your space, there are some easy organizational ideas to keep in mind.

  • Allow for ample shelving. Whether this is for storage of your items when guest come to use your space or to allow them space for their things, having shelves is an easy, space efficient way to add more storage to your space. Pick the shelving style that works best for your home and décor style. Floating shelves can be a great option for space saving and you can utilize baskets or bins to quickly clear clutter out of sight.
  • Think of comfort. Whether this means adding a lamp to the space, leaving an extra blanket, or utilizing a small table as a co-purpose book holder/ side-table, think of the little touches that can make your guest more comfortable while allowing you to utilize the space daily.
  • Paint is your friend. Any multi-use space can be benefited from some fresh paint. Just because a space is a multi-use room doesn’t mean it can’t reflect your style.
  • Clear the clutter. Cluttered spaces do not create a product environment for you or a welcome space for your guests. Whether you are saving space (and money!) by renting your home, you are redesigning the space in your house, or you are staging your home for sale, clutter is not good. It’s easy to collect clutter in multi-use spaces. Create a system that works well for you and stick with it.

Multi-use spaces are a great way to maximize and utilize your space in your home! These quick, easy tips can make a huge difference in your space and save you money and time.


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