People. Rock. Part II

I wrote a post back in October about how I was awestruck by the generosity of a particular family and really, of people in general.  The original post is here if you’d like to read it.  It was a heartwarming story of the generosity of a local family.

However, I recently became acutely aware that some people don’t always see the good works of others and openly state that hard-working, successful people don’t want to help others and are greedy if they don’t support “big government” social programs that claim to exist solely to help others. I believe that this ideology is borne from the concept that those who need help won’t get it if the government is not the one providing it.  Honestly, I was saddened that someone could view the world through this lens.

In my experience….it is quite the opposite.

I believe that when the government does not confiscate resources through force and taxation, people will utilize their available resources to help those in need.  I see the good works of hard working, successful, caring people every day.

Recently, I witnessed a powerful rally to help a local family build a handicapped bathroom for their son.  It was incredible.  My wife identified the need and started the fundraising effort.  In a matter of weeks, family, friends and local business owners contributed and raised over $8,000.  One of the business owners, who donated $3,000, deployed a contractor to get the project going quickly. In just over a month, the bathroom was constructed for this family and teenage boy who had not been able to access their household bathroom in a long time.

Generally, I believe that people are good and want to help others in need.  I witnessed both of these grand gestures of generosity in a matter of a couple of months.  Friends of mine who have achieved success in life are the most generous and giving people I know.  I am proud to call them my friends.

I have been on the receiving end, too.  It’s quite possible that we all need a hand at different times in our life.  My wife’s mom died when she was seventeen years old.  Many people gave her a hand through that difficult time.  The funeral home performed services with little up-front payment.  Family came to her aid and helped make sure that everything that needed to get done, got done.

When my sister, Jennifer, was sick with cancer and my mom, a single mom, needed to spend more time with my sister and less time working, the community rallied around to help.  Money was raised to help with whatever needed to be done.  After my sister passed away, at Jennifer’s request, the excess funds began to be used to help other families who had sick children at CHKD.  For many years, funds were replenished with the continued annual Jennifer Choice Insurance Run that raised thousands of dollars.

I believe individuals are better stewards of resources to help those in need than our government. When people are able to give, they give freely to help others.  My family has been a beneficiary of the generosity of others and I witness good works of giving people every day.  Sometimes I am awestruck by the level of generosity that I witness.  Perhaps we need to return to smaller government and get back to more family helping family, community helping community, and friends helping friends.

Because:  PEOPLE.  DO.   ROCK.

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