This time of year there are more viruses and bugs going around than I’d care to count (or experience!). We’re exposed at work, when we run errands, when our kids go to school….it seems almost impossible to avoid catching something. While we can only do so much about our neighbors and their health…we can do our part to try to avoid catching gunk this season. Because, seriously….who the heck has time to be sick?? Check out these tips of keeping yourself and your family healthy this season!

1-) Drink lots of water: We hear it all the time….”I don’t like water”. Well, your body does. And since it is mostly composed of this vital element…you’d do well to stock up. Add lemon, lime, fruit, honey, juice, mint or whatever other natural flavor you prefer. Try it hot with tea or cold with ice…just drink water.

Keep some vitamin C  handy as well whether this is a powder packet, a vitamin C tablet or oranges. Taking a multi-vitamin every day can help keep your body healthy and able to fight off sickness.

2-) Don’t skimp on the ZZZZ’s: Your body does most of its repairs when you are asleep. It boosts your physical, mental and emotional health and allows you to be more resilient all around. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and taking time to rest so your body can fight off germs.

3-) Wash your hands: Keep germ-x in your car, your bag and at your desk. Anytime you have the chance to wash your hands with soap and water…do it. Don’t touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth. Don’t drink or eat after other people. Another great idea is to keep Lysol wipes (available at your local Dollar Tree store) in your car and periodically wipe down your cell phone, steering wheel and anything else you frequently touch.

4-) Eat well: Eating a balanced, healthy diet helps your body fight off sickness. Eat good stuff and make sure you don’t skip meals. Excessive sugar also decreases your body’s ability to fight off gunk.

5-) Exercise: Be sure to get movement in daily. Try weights, biking, running, yoga or any other activity that you enjoy. Take the stairs at work or when you are running errands. Not only does it give you extra steps in your day…but since fewer people take the stairs…it keeps you away from packed elevators filled with sick people. Double win!

Wishing you a safe and HEALTHY winter season!


Kelley Carter, CPIA

The Choice Insurance Agency




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