Congrats! Your teenager is driving. While they might be jumping up and down waiving their newly earned driver’s license…you may be a little less excited. After all, a teen driver means increased auto insurance rates, bigger risk of damage to your vehicles, and, of course, you’re concerned about their safety. Did you know that the first year of driving for a newly licensed teen driver holds the largest risk of car wrecks? However, while having a teen driver does present increased exposure, there are several things that you can do to help keep your auto premiums lower and keep your teen safe.

1-) Consider installing a mobile controlling device in your teen’s car. There are tons of devices on the market that you can look into. These devices are controlled by you and can be set at various levels of strictness.  These devices prevent cell phones from being used while the car is in drive. The device blocks all cell phone calls in and out, as well as all text message capabilities and app usage until the car is in park or turned off. Also, you are able to monitor the mobile usage in the vehicle and control whether or not mobile service is blocked just for the driver or for the entire vehicle. Telling you auto insurer that you have installed this device may also qualify you for discounts.

2-) Strongly enforce a “no-speeding” policy.  While you cannot be in the car with your teen driver all the time, you may get a feel for their driving patterns. Or, if you really want to make sure that your teen is staying within the speed limits, you can activate a speed-notification feature either on your mobile control device or through other devices that are inexpensive and easily available. Teen drivers do not have the experience to handle common road and traffic conditions like more experienced drivers are likely to. Speeding not only places them at risk for a ticket (which will increase your insurance premiums significantly), but speeding also poses a more significant safety risk for new drivers. Make it clear to your teen driver that speeding can hold serious consequences and could lead to loss of driving privileges.

3-) Encourage your teen to do their best in school. Did you know that many auto insurers provide student discounts for students who get good grades? If your student does well in school, ask your auto insurer if this qualifies you for a discount on your auto policy. Typically, it is as simple as sending in a copy of your teen’s report card and the discount can be added.

4-) Enforce a curfew. Driving late at night, distracted, and/or tired greatly increases the risk of accidents for young drivers. Always let your teen know that if they are exhausted or unable to drive optimally, that you will come pick them up. Many teen accidents occur when teens feel they cannot call for a ride and drive under influenced circumstances.

5-) Teach your teen basic car maintenance. You want your teen to be safe. Your new driver should know basic car maintenance to ensure that they can take care of common issues while on the road. For example, they need to know how to check tire pressure, fill their own gas tank, put air in their vehicle’s tires, and change a tire. If you are concerned about issues while your teen is on the road, consider adding roadside assistance to your auto policy to cover things such as changing tires, towing, etc., or look into a service such as AAA. Ask your auto insurer if a roadside assistance feature is available to add to your existing auto policy. Often, this option is less expensive than AAA.

6-) Select a safe car. While your teen driver may love a racy, new sports car, it is much more important to choose a vehicle with good crash ratings. Before choosing a car for your teen driver, look into customer reviews, repair costs, insurance premiums, and gas mileage. This can keep your new driver safe and help keep your auto premiums lower.

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