It’s that time of year! Whether you are planning to spend the holidays with family or are traveling to a tropical destination, knowing a few tips for better travel can make your holiday cost less and be less stressful. Check out these tips that will ensure your travels go smoothly and that your festive mood remains intact this holiday season!

1-) Avoid the peak travel dates. This is where planning ahead can really come in handy. If possible, line up your travel dates in advance especially for longer distance trips. The closer to major holidays you try to book a ticket, the harder it will be to get accommodations and the more expensive it will be. Aim to arrive a few days before a major holiday and, if possible, leave a few days after the holiday is over. Scrambling to catch a flight or book a rental car or hotel the day of, before, or after a major holiday is not only extremely stressful, it is also difficult, crowded….and expensive. With the volume of people trying to get places, be aware of delayed or cancelled flights and allow yourself enough time to arrive at your destination.

2-) Check the prices. When looking to reserve a room, rent a car, or book a flight be sure to check multiple sources for the best rates. Free sites such as Kayak, Travelocity, or Expedia can make shopping a breeze. Shop well ahead of your travel dates and consider buying travel insurance in case you must cancel or move your reservations. Insider tip: Did you know that visiting the same sites for travel multiple times from the same web browser can make prices appear higher when you search? When you visit travel sites and enter your dates of travel and travel locations, your computer’s identification information is logged by the travel sites, letting their systems know that you want to travel during that time and to that specific location. The sites may display a higher price for the items you have been searching than may be available elsewhere after multiple visits. To avoid this and get the best rates, consider putting your computer on “incognito” mode when looking to book a flight. It sounds crazy…. but it works.

3-) Do your homework. Especially if you are flying, do a little homework and map out your route beforehand. If you are booking connecting flights, allow yourself enough time for delays and connections. If you are driving after your flight lands to your destination, take the travel time into consideration and book the time of your flight’s arrival accordingly. Nothing ruins your holiday glow like arriving on a red eye flight, missing a connection, or driving 5 hours in the middle of the night.

4-) Allow for delays. You may as well just build delays into your travel schedule and plan for them to occur. If you’re driving, plan for traffic. If you’re flying, plan for a delayed flight or connection. It is so much better to have the time to sit, read a book, or grab a cup of coffee between flights than it is to sprint through an airport. Planning for delays takes so much stress out of travel.

5-) Take pictures of your rental car. If you are renting a car, but sure to request a copy of your rental paperwork along with the vehicle inspection report before you leave the lot. If you notice any damage that was not notated on the report, get this corrected before you leave the rental lot. Otherwise, you may be charged for damages on the auto that you did not cause. Also, it is a good idea to take pictures of the entire outside of the car, the tires, the inside, any visible damage and the gas gauge. This gives you a date and time stamped report of the condition of the car when you took possession of the vehicle. Keep an eye on your credit card after your travels to ensure that damages or extra charges where not drafted from your card on file by the rental company. If they were, be sure to appeal these charges and show your pictures as evidence. Another great tip for returning a rental car is to use a local gas app such as Gas Guru to search for the best gas prices near you. You will need to refill the vehicle before you return it, or your will be charged a gas refill fee that is typically much higher than the average local gas price.

6-) Pack well. If you are driving or flying it pays to pack well. Packing too heavily can result in extra baggage fees while traveling. Think about the activities you will be doing while you are traveling and pack accordingly. Check the local weather for your destination spot. Consider packing a capsule wardrobe to save on luggage. Packing smarter is any easy way to save on travel costs.

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